Arrow Films Hits a Bulls Eye with Jean Rollin

By Published On: 12 December 2023Categories: DirectorsTags: , ,

Arrow films have licenSed a number of Salvation Films for their streaming site.  To publicise this Heather Bain, writer and expert, has written a piece for the Arrow site. For example:

In the annals of the cult genre cinema, Jean Rollin created his own film landscape that was and remains his very own little universe. So much of his work plays out like the living embodiment of every possible definition of the fantastic. From, to quote Webster’s, “based on fantasy” to “so extreme as to challenge belief,” Rollin’s creative thumbprint is one that opened up a wholly fresh way to explore the full “fantastique” potential within genre cinema. Rollin is an artist, magician, storyteller, poet, and full-on heart-bringer whose pulse, vision, and love of the gothic, the mysterious, and supernatural.


You can see more at the Arrow site