Up Close and Personal – Lucifera Swan

Lucifera Swan, pin up model, photographer, designer, and international cabaret performer, somehow found the time to recline on the Salvation chaise longe for a chat…

What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

Since I first saw The Bouglione Circus show at the age of 6, I became obsessed with the idea to become a tiger trainer. I really believed I would marry someone from the circus and become this showgirl, wearing glitter, and just be in the circus… Until the day I realised and understood that having animals in circus was wrong, and changed my mind.

What were you like at school?

I hated school with passion. I was a good student; I never needed to study a lot to succeed and got very bored and distracted very easily. I never felt I was fitting in, did not have many friends, and was often bullied for my appearance or the way I dressed. I was already presenting myself differently then, thinking differently, and after some little fuck ups along the way I understood very quickly that I must study better to get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

Do you have a pet you could tell us about, or a childhood pet / animal related memory?

I wrote, sang and recorded a song for my first cat when he passed away when I was about 10 years old. I still have the tape cassette and it sounds very ghostly to me to hear today, like a voice from another world.

Have you ever lost an item you’d still love to get back, and what/why?

I did, but I try not to give too much importance to material things I have lost. I realised that when we lose people we love, all the “things” and “stuff” we have lost, does not really matter.

How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse / world order collapse type scenario?

I am a natural leader so I would probably be one of the first of the group to make decisions, but I think I would focus on finding a way to be reunited with my family and try my best to survive while doing so! Then I suppose we would all enjoy the time left together by drinking champagne for breakfast and walk on the beach while killing every zombie crossing our path? Sounds ideal to me!

What would you say are your politics or values?

Honestly, I feel quite politically homeless. To me, all politicians are liars. My values are very social & I do believe there is good and bad everywhere. But, when I look at what’s happening around me & in the world, I can’t stop seeing a complete shit show. I know it’s sad, but isn’t it true? I feel we know what the solutions are to get a better world but that we can all fight as much as we want & carry the best values possible, for as long as the world is going to be ruled by some careless powerful people, there is not much we can do. Sometimes I lose hope, sometimes I am an idealistic revolutionary, but I believe change will come from the people and not the governments’ leaders.

Do you believe in an afterlife?

I believe there is something. Afterlife, I don’t know, but I believe there are some kind of dimensions, and that there are doors here on Planet Earth to reach these other dimensions. I believe that some people are able to feel, see, hear, and communicate with souls between dimensions. And that some souls can travel between our world and another. I don’t know. As a kid, I experienced some weird stuff with my family and have been kind of forced to believe there is something else because of these experiences (and none of us were on drugs! Hahaha)

Are you a ‘curl up in comfort’ or a ‘go out and raise hell’ kind of person?

Both, but often when curled up at home I might end up raising hell anyway!

Do you have a favourite item of clothing / designer / brand?

I adore Vivienne Westwood, Thierry Mugler, Alexander Mc Queen, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and the vintage Dior. I find many inspirations to dress daily, and enjoy looking and researching all these designers’ works.

If you could own any painting / sculpture / piece of art what would be and why?

I grew up surrounded by artists and art, and feel very fulfilled owning the few art pieces from my mum and my big brother. I also believe that art is made to be seen by a lot of people and famous art pieces belong in museums, for exhibition and conservation purposes.

If you could meet anyone living, dead, or fictional who would it be and why?

I lost my big brother a year ago. I would give anything to spend more time with him.

If you could snog anyone living, dead or fictional, who would it be and why?

My husband, because after years together, he is still the sexiest thing alive to me! I am not really the kind of person to fantasise on fictional characters either and I am satisfied on many levels thanks to the person I share my life with.

Do you have any irrational phobias?

There are a lot of things I can’t stand… but is it a phobia?

What one place should we visit before we die?

Your inner peace. Peace is actually our most natural state of being and I think this is the best place to be. There are also too many extraordinary places on earth to be able to pick only one.

What book should we read?

The ones my Dad wrote, full of swearing and truths not many people are ready to hear, I love that. I also always had an obsession for Guy de Maupassant, “Le Horla et Autres Nouvelles Fantastiques” (“Le Horla and other fantastic stories”), I cannot tell you why. It is just a wonderful book.

What track/band should we listen to?

All the classics! I love rock, from the 50s to the 80s, there are so many to list. I grew up with a dad and brothers loving classic rock, punk, rock’n’roll and everything in between, and been fortunate enough to see live gigs since a very young age. I think the first live show I saw was Slade, when I was between 6 and 8 years old. I fell in love forever! I also have been lucky enough to see many big Opera productions and classical pieces are also something I like very much.

What activity/hobby should we get into?

Sewing! It is extremely therapeutic to me. I love the whole process of creating something from scratch and find it extremely satisfying to see something I only imagined in my head, taking life. Also, the idea that it is original and unique brings me intense joy. But in general, anything that makes you happy and does not hurt others, really.

Fave film ever, also fave horror film ever?

I am fascinated by the Frankenstein series, and the Universal film series. In another genre I always loved The Shining. It is twisted in a strange way I like. And not forgetting The Tales from the Crypt from the 1980s, probably because it brings back childhood memories.

What socially frowned upon / risque activity do you actually recommend we try at least once?

Something we’d love but you probably wouldn’t mention to your mother… I would say, the simple activity to dare being yourself daily! This is sometimes very risqué socially hahaha, but so worth it.  And my mother is so awesome that I can mention pretty much anything to her.

Can you tell us something about yourself we are unlikely to already know?

I was not breathing during the first seconds of my life, and was born “unfinished”, with two missing teeth. My smile has been under lots of work for years and still is, and one day I will have that perfect smile I am dreaming of!

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